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Welcome students of magic!

A world of mystery is just under your nose and almost in your ears!


Episode 21

Published on:

26th Jan, 2022

Episode 20

Published on:

12th Jan, 2022


Published on:

29th Dec, 2021

Episode 19

Published on:

29th Dec, 2021


Published on:

25th Dec, 2021

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About the Podcast

JK, We're Rolling!
Magic flies and dice roll as three students try to solve mysteries and survive in a high school for wizards! In Germany!
It's time to enter a world of fantasy, wonder, and mystery as three students attend the most prestigious wizarding school in all of Germany! Three German improv actors will attempt to survive the gauntlet created by one American game master. While the cast explores the obstacles and rewards of being multicultural, their characters will have to explore obstacles and find rewards of their own. Listen as they have to delve deep into the world at Neudrachenberg Castle to uncover secrets, defeat every variety of magical threat, and manage a passing grade. This original world takes place in an all-new game system specifically designed to mirror magical societies from other popular media.
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About your hosts

Michael Moore / MM (Magician Master)

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Michael Moore is a New Orleans native, currently living in Germany. This fantasy and RPG addict has a background in Musical Theatre, something that will hopefully not come up in this podcast. But who can say?! As an actor he has performed in tours and productions world-wide, such as Jesus Christ Superstar (Salzburg), Hair (International Tour), and Legally Blonde (Connecticut). He played Ledoux in the original German cast of Bat Out of Hell. Michael spends most of his free time being all kinds of nerd with his wife, Nadine, and reading epic fantasy novels.

Nadine Kühn / SASSLY

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Nadine Kühn is a Disney and fantasy enthusiast based out of Germany. She released her third single, "Ich vertrau auf mein Herz", the first official German cover of "Faith of the Heart" by Rod Stewart this year. You can find her music on all streaming platforms. She has also played leading roles in many international tours, including Grease, Hair, Saturday Night Fever, and Little Shop of Horrors. Her directed work can be seen in theaters across Germany. She would like to thank Sassly, her inner demon, for allowing her to vent her true self, if only for a bi-weekly moment.

Lukas Fischer / JASPER

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Lukas Fischer is an actor and entertainer from Germany. This self proclaimed Hufflepuff enjoys lending his comedic talents to the stage and screen. One of his personal highlights is portraying Stan Laurel in a Laurel & Hardy tribute show. It's a role that hits close to home...for better or worse. Apart from that, Lukas performs in various stage and musical productions and currently produces his own clowning routines. When Lukas isn't hitting the mini-golf range, he's working on his Mad Hatter cosplay. The next step: combining both hobbies at the same time!

Sebastian Kinder / ERICH

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Sebastian Kinder creates fictional worlds full-time, both as an actor and pen & paper lover. Whether standing on stage as Little John in Robin Hood or portraying the Big Bad Wolf as a walking act, he always endeavours to fill his roles with life and excitement. When he doesn't moderate LARP-like events as a gamemaster, he is creating adaptable shows with fire and lights to make even more magic. In his free time he is a world building enthusiast with many of his own stories to tell. He is a native of the NRW, Germany.